Aymara Bolivian Chullo or Gorra

Title:                    Aymara Bolivian Chullo or Gorra
Catalog No:    ULV-JAEGR-2014-5770
Type:                  Textile; Hat; Cap; Chuku; Knit; Fiber Arts.
Material:          Alpaca wool.
Description:   Black and white. Angora and wool. Tapers to a blunt-cut tassel at top. Has ear
flaps with single tassel attached to each side. Llama and bold geometric-stripes are on cap, a
donkey adorns each ear flap.
Date:                   pre-1935
Dimensions:   8.5” W x 17” L; 19” circumference.
Artist:                Unknown

Donor:               Esther Funk Ethnographic Collection
Provenance:  Purchased by Esther Funk c. 1933
Note:                  Attached note, “Gorra or Cap – Bolivian Aymara Indian. La Paz area.”