Cusco Peruvian Chullo or Gorra

Title:                    Cusco Peruvian Chullo or Gorra

Catalog No    ULV-JAEGR-2014-5763

Type:                   Textile; Hat; Cap; Chuku; Knit; Fiber Arts

Material:           Alpaca wool.

Description:   Mainly red with cream, green, purple, orange, yellow accents. The cap tapers to a point and has a single tassel. Two earflaps. The edging is scalloped/zigzagged. Near the brim of the cap are human figurines holding hands. They are dressed in traditional Peruvian style. Their shirts are purple; their pants are green.

Date:                   pre-1935

Dimensions:   9” W x 16” L; 19” circumference. 

Artist:                Unknown

Donor:               Esther Funk Ethnographic Collection

Provenance:  Purchased by Esther Funk c. 1933

Note:                  Attached card, “Gorra or cap common in Cusco altiplano.”

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