Peruvian Poncho

Title:                    Peruvian Poncho

Catalog No:     ULV-JAEGR-2014-5757

Type:                   Textile; poncho. Fiber Arts.

Material:           Animal hair and wool.

Description:    Two large panels of red, pink, green, orange, brown and yellow woven stripes. The stripes run horizontally. Embroidery of dark green/orange, green/pink, yellow/dark brown thread sewn over the stripes. The embroidery is geometric patterns (chevron/arrows, zig-zag). The edges are fringed (a slight gap in fringe in some areas). The two panels are sewn together along the neckline, not the chest plate. A circular opening is stitched with embroidered roping.

Date:                    pre-1935

Dimensions:    53.5″ W x 47.5″ L [fabric only] Tassel: 2.5″ L

Artist:                  Unknown

Donor:                 Esther Funk Ethnographic Collection

Note:                    From Paucartambo, Peru. Native weave. Purchased by the donor Esther Funk.

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