Hopi Katsina (Kachina)

TITLE Hopi Katsina (Kachina)
DESCRIPTION Hand carved. Intricately painted: Turquoise face with black accents. The upper body is wearing pink with white stripes. A red sash and turquoise arm bands. The lower body is wearing a white skirt with a tan belt. The skirt edges is lined in black. A Geometric-pattern sash in red, blue/green, black and white is painted vertically on one side of the skirt. Its legs are pink. Its feet are painted a red-brown. Its protruding nose is cone shaped. It is painted tan with red/white and black accents. Although the top is bald, it has red-yarn hair along the side and front. A gray feather stands up on its left side. Two eyes are painted on the back of its head. Unsigned. A string of yarn is around its neck for hanging purposes.
STORAGE LOCATION East Wall Storage - Cabinet 5
DATE (MADE) pre-1944
MATERIALS Cottonwood root, feathers, yarn, and poster paint.
MEASUREMENTS 31.2 (L) x 10.3 (W) x 9.0 (D) cm; (12-5/16 (L) x 4-1/16 (W) x 3-9/16 (D) in.)
NOTES Edna Sutton note, ""The biggest Kachina doll was given to me by Mary Ella Humetewa when she and Helen, another Hopi girl visited here for a couple of weeks about 30 years ago [c. 1944].""[See ""Sutton Collection"" notes in museum files].
HEADER Tribal Arts

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