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The Cultural & Natural History Collections at University of La Verne is as old as the institution itself, having opened its doors in 1891 as a teaching museum and collection in support of the educational mission. Since then, the Collections has continued to grow through donations from the community, alumni, members of the Brethren church, scientists, naturalists, historians, anthropologists, and our own faculty. Every object received relays a piece of the larger story of our world, from the Ice Ages to modern times. But they have not come with funding to support their care, conservation, and stewardship. Yipes!

Your support through a tax-deductible contribution will allow us to:

* Engage our students in hands-on activities with authentic artifacts through student-centered projects
* Care for, house, and properly store our materials to ensure their continued preservation for the benefit of future generations
* Purchase permanent and traveling display cases that allow us to share our materials and connect with the broader pubic in a wider variety of venues
* Restoration of fossil skeletons from La Brea Tar Pits, including the assembly of at least one Dire Wolf
* Maintain our ongoing cataloging work, and support development of a publicly accessible digital catalog and online archive of the Collections
* Keeping our curator employed and breathe life into our activities

How can you help? Please consider making a contribution in any amount. Your gift enriches the lives of our students, and helps us better engage with you, and the interested and curious public.

Supporting the Collections can also be achieved through donations of materials to grow our ever evolving collection that documents our world.

For contributions or donations:


Dr. Felicia R. Beardsley
Director, Cultural & Natural History Collections
(909) 448-4717

Cultural & Natural History Collections
(909) 448-4338