Southern California “Mission Indian” Globular Basket

Title:                    Southern California “Mission Indian” Globular Basket
Catalog No:     Unnumbered
Type:                    Basket; Native American; Fiber Arts

Material:           Deergrass, sumac and juncus.
Description:    Coiled; deergrass foundation. A small polychrome globular form, with a low shoulder and gently tapering sides, decorated with four repeating outlined egg-like motifs with flattened tips worked in white. Basket displays “Mission Indian” characteristic left-slanting stitches and with diagonally tucked stitch end (“fag end” stitching, sometimes referred to as mission stitch). Designs visible on exterior and interior of basketry body. Dark brown-black self-finished rim. Loop of tan-colored string strung through basketry wall below the rim attached to the basket by Louisa Williamson Hutchison.

Date:                     Late 19th Century

Dimensions:          3.25 in. x 2.25 in; Circumference: 10 in.

Tribal Affiliation:   Attributed to the Luiseño or Payómkawichum; possibly Cupeño, Cahuilla, Serrano.

Donor:                  Virginia Hutchison Robins

Collection:            Louisa Williamson Hutchison Amerind Collection